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Do Cosmetic Tattoos Fade Over Time?

By July 10, 2022July 18th, 2022No Comments
Microblading on the Gold Coast

Microblading on the Gold Coast

If you want to keep your cosmetic tattoos looking bright, even, and supersaturated, you’re likely going to need a quick pick-me-up in time.

Why? Because even with industry leading products, inks are expected to fade in time. Here’s a few things you probably didn’t know about your ink:

  1. Pigments: One of the key differences between cosmetic tattoo and more traditional permanent body inks are the use of iron-oxide based pigments. The only pigments used in cosmetic tattooing, these ‘inks’ are designed to gradually fade in time. While this can be a disappointment for first-time customers, gradually fading dyes allow your aesthetician to make minor adjustments to colours and shape with changing trends, client preferences, and personal aesthetic.
  1. Lifestyle Factors and Skincare: Among the more varied reasons for fading cosmetic tattoos include your natural skincare type and regiment and lifestyle factors. Genetics, exfoliation, sun exposure, and the quality of the original tattoo application can all affect how quickly your tattoo fades. If you have any questions about what may or may not contribute to gradual fading, please speak with your technician at the appointment.
  1. Application Depth: Different to traditional tattooing, cosmetic tattoo pigments aren’t injected as deeply into the skin–meaning the inks are closer to surface layers of skin and more prone to be exfoliated, buffed, and shed away.

With this in mind, you might be wondering if there are steps you can take to minimise the risk or rate of tattoo fading. Among the go-to suggestions recommended by Mimi Lane at the Black Market Tattoo Co, we always say:

  1. Hands Off! Never scratch your healing cosmetic tattoo!
  2. Follow Our Aftercare Instructions: Always follow after-care instructions.
  3. Go for a Pre-appointment Consultation: Some skin types are more prone to fading or resistant to our standard pigments. If you have oily skin, we recommend considering shading in place of microblading for a long-lasting look. Not sure which service will best suit you? Feel free to speak with our team before your appointment or prior to booking in.
  4. Stay Out of the Sun: Regardless of pre-or-post appointment, you should always wear SPF! That said–it’s more important than ever post-treatment because UV exposure can increase the rate of pigment fading. Salt water is the same–and we recommend staying out of the ocean for at least one week post-treatment to allow your tattoos to heal.
  5. Stay Hydrated: Naturally, we recommend drinking a lot of H2O to keep your skin in top shape. That aside, make sure you apply a moisturiser to your treated area and healing skin once per day while the tattoo heals.
  6. Book Your Retouch: Every client (and we mean every client!) must book in for a follow-up session to be completed 6 weeks after your first treatment. This allows your aesthetician to review the healed outcome, check for consistency, and complete touch ups where needed to extend the life of your tattoo.

Have additional questions about pre and post treatment instructions that will give you the best life (and look!) out of your cosmetic tattoo? Feel free to reach out to Mimi Lane at the Black Market Tattoo Co for a consultation or discuss your concerns with your technician on the day.

Dedicated to helping our clients achieve their best look, we’re proud to be one of the Gold Coast’s leading cosmetic tattoo studios with expert artists and state of the art tools. Ready to make the leap? Speak with our front of house team today.

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